September december political notes richard stallman

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september december political notes richard stallman

If you find a link to a page that requires subscription, please report that as you would report any other broken link. The only way I can see to overcome this is to reform the Supreme Court. Perhaps this is part of the reason that Covid is now increasing so fast in the US and Europe. Each time a person gets infected, that is an opportunity for Covid to mutate. If the world had cracked down on Covid effectively, the way China, Taiwan, South Korea initiallyAustralia and New Zealand did, the pandemic would already be over, the deaths would be few, the economic losses would be much less, and this mutation would never have occurred.

Perhaps it should be limited to k dollars per organization. That would save small businesses a big surprise tax bill but not give much to big businesses. Putin had to have approved these plans.

Anyone who did such things in Russia without his approval would be fired immediately. To delay, and allow the numbers to increase before acting, would not help anything.

Those plans would overload the hospitals. Keep in mind that Uzbekistan also forces slaves to pick cotton, perhaps even more of them. What Uzbekistan does is not an excuse for China, and what China does is not an excuse for Uzbekistan. Countries should refuse to buy cotton from those countries until they stop using forced labor. Trees produce lots of seeds and have mechanisms to disperse them. Why isn't that enough? This is a serious question. Since I am not an expert, I will not try to claim that there is no need to plant forests, but I think it is an important question why we do need that.

In effect, it has taken that right away. To fix this, we need to eliminate the relevant parts of the DMCA. I wish they would not refer to works of art and communication as "content".

Richard Stallman

That term disparages all such works. Was there is something else bad about those ads that the article fails to explain? This is in addition to contributing greatly to short-term global heating due to leaks of methane. Fracking is taking humanity to frack and fruin, so we need to stop it completely. Some old fashioned prudes found this scandalous and tried to ruin her life.

I have not tried that site, but I know that it takes special effort to accept credit card payments over the net without sending nonfree JS, and I think only the Free Software Foundation does this.My intention is to make links only to publicly accessible, stable URLs.

If you find a link to a page that requires subscription, please report that as you would report any other broken link. To defend itself, the US and Canada must cite their independent judiciaries and rule of law.

We cannot argue that the US would never twist the law for political reasons. The bully has done precisely that to keep refugees in prison. We cannot take for granted that the two Canadians did not commit some real crime. But we do know that they won't get justice in their trials in China. Working against the US, in this dispute about which country respects justice, will be the existence of imprisonment without trial in Guantanamo.

An eviction without a court order would certainly be wrong, but having a court order does not automatically excuse it. When the law, and the power of the state, serve the banksters against the poor, they do not have moral authority. The Irish state should first make sure nobody is made homeless by eviction, and only then attend to the wishes of the banks. This is the spirit we need, to have any chance of doing enough and soon enough to avoid global heating disaster.

This is before we even get to the intentionally manipulative and controlling nature of the software IN the computers. This article refers to a letter in which Martin Luther King, Jr. The area in which I most hear the argument that "We must not tell people how bad things are, or it would discourage them" is that of global heatingin which we know from the hard figures that each year lost makes it less likely we can avoid the disaster at all.

The US congress is now considering imposing one. Since I support the boycott of companies that operate in Israel's colonies in Palestinian territory, a boycott that was launched in Israel by Uri Avnery, I am one of the many excluded from those jobs for their political views. Israel, keep your hands off Americans' freedom! I speculate that the general acceptance of overprotection of minors promotes acceptance of overprotection of everyone, including massive surveillance.

Regardless of your age, this threatens you. I conjecture that the high inequality is the result of the richest's having taken control of those countries' governments years ago, and that control enables the same plutocrats to make the governments let our planet roast. The US does something similar in its immigration prisons. It is an injustice in both countries. I think it would be more efficient to invest in avoiding the birth of some African youth.

Surely a million IUDs cost less than sending a million people to school. Christians have held a "peace rally" to ask for their religious freedoms to be restored. The Hindu extremist party that rules India is becoming ever more oppressive. This is a real victory.

He also said they tried to recruit him to spy on the British foreign ministry and would believe he did not work there.My intention is to make links only to publicly accessible, stable URLs. If you find a link to a page that requires subscription, please report that as you would report any other broken link. Some are trying to teach them to plant fruit trees and hardwood tree plantations.

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The other half of the solution for preserving the forest is to limit the numbers of human beings that try to make a living in it. I asked a volunteer to check the points in the article about US prisons and he found references to support all of them. The bully 's saboteurs are attacking both human rights and democracy; even to undo this damage may be difficult. And if they get enough control over the courts, they will never allow opposition to win elections.

Still, we have to try — because giving up guarantees the worst possible outcome. Fat lot of good that will do when thugs commit crimes. I call it the " internet of stings ". Israel now exports this to US thug departments so they can learn the "best practices" for repressing Americans that protest.

Subsidizing business to do business tends to become nothing but a giveaway to businesses. It is self-defeating when it "succeeds". Businesses in the US pay too little tax overall. Therefore, we have to stop thinking of reducing taxes for "better" businesses and instead raise them on "worse" business.

Many of the bully's cronies are part of the coastal elite. They succeeded in convincing him to arrange the attack in a way that would not do much damage — it would only make him look tough. In other words, they are far more against what they call "socialism" which is what they call any policy that isn't total laissez-faire than they are for liberty.

This helps explain how the term "libertarian" misrepresents their views. It highlights their attractive secondary stand for civil libertieswhile claiming falsely that their repellent primary position for laissez-faire has something to do with civil liberties.

Native idiocy isn't enough to believe things like this. They have to work at it.My intention is to make links only to publicly accessible, stable URLs. If you find a link to a page that requires subscription, please report that as you would report any other broken link. If you sign, please spread the word! The article presumes that criticizing a company is hypocritical if you don't completely boycott that company. That is too rigid. I think they should reject Amazon totally — that's what I do.

The reason they don't is that they see only part of the danger of Amazon: the economic part.

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They don't understand the harm that Amazon does to each customer directly, through accumulating data and imposing nonfree client software. The other candidates don't understand that either, and neither does Bloomberg News, so it is not in a position to criticize anyone else for not understanding it. The right thing to do about this problem is to teach more people to recognize it and act accordingly. His sign said, " — We have been there".

The other species that live in a forest can't survive in a plantation. The Amazon forest is a sort of hybrid. The precolombian inhabitants planted useful trees, which still make up a large fraction of the trees there, but these were native trees and they did not wipe out the other tree species. Any given Afghan civilian is not very likely to be killed in a drone bombing in a given year. But the author reports that millions of children feel terror every time they hear drones circling.

How often does that typically happen? Perhaps, in some places, every day. I don't think it is worse for people to be killed by drones than by fighter-bombers, artillery, or guns. The difference is in the systems of war that these weapons fit into. Their campaign is weakened philosophically by the mistake of advocating "open access" rather than the stronger and deeper goal of libre scientific publishing.

However, it is possible that the publishers will make the articles libre anyway, or that they won't bother to repress sharing even if that isn't officially permitted. Next morning they found him dead, so they lied about what they had done. I don't think those thugs were exceptional.

Richard Stallman at UofC

It seems to be typical of their agency. Someone quoted in the article calls Hernandez Vasquez a "child", apparently thinking we will feel more outraged that way. I think the US government should not do that to anyone regardless of per age. Anyway, someone of age 16 is not a child. The ability to elude antimissiles may not make any difference since there are no credible defense systems to stop ICBMs. However, the short travel time and the ability to strike anywhere from anywhere could require governments to make a snap decision about whether to retaliate.

This would increase the chance of nuclear war by mistake. A world in which the US, Russia, China and other countries have hypersonic nuclear missiles will face a bigger danger of nuclear war than the world without them.

I think that stationing interceptor missiles in space will destabilize the situation further, because those could be wiped out by changing the trajectory of a piece of space junk. The sane way to deal with these weapons is by negotiating an arms-limitation treaty to get rid of them. This is what past US presidents would have done.

It shows how much Indians value secularism.My intention is to make links only to publicly accessible, stable URLs. If you find a link to a page that requires subscription, please report that as you would report any other broken link. Some sites have paper tiger paywalls that can be defeated by deleting a cookie. I don't post links to those sites because it would be too complex to tell users what to do to avoid having to identify themselves. The US could set a good example if it ceased using bogus trials as in Guantanamo and imprisonment without trial.

The quoted complaint, "what's being done with [the money] to help the environment," misses the point. The environment is helped by the incentive created by the tax, which is independent of how the money is spent. I don't need to agree with Christianity or Judaism to agree with this article's point. We need to increase wages. Of course, the company says that such production is against its rules, but these companies don't try very hard to enforce such rules.

The labor camps in China are often used as political prisons. The Koch brothers deserve the hatred of every American, but we should not let that distract us from what needs to be done. We need to change our political system so that rich people can't have so much influence. And we need to tax them more heavily for all their income, including capital gains. This was a crude and nasty way of expressing what they thought of Muslims' views. However, there are worse ways of criticizing someone's views: for instance, to arrest people for expressing them.

The pig head was not a threat, just an insult, and insults must not be a crime. To fix this, we need to tax rich people and businesses more so that the state can find this research. Some of them commit suicide because they don't get the support they need. I will say something much stronger and more harsh: Italy has no human rights.

The current Tory government is more subtle: destroying the NHS slowly by underfunding it and "reforming" it.

Richard Stallman's personal site.

The root of this campaign is the labeling of prostitution as "violence", a twisted half-truth. Some prostitutes choose that line of work and are happy to profit from it. Whatever they are, they are not victims of violence. Others are forced to be prostitutes, often by means of violence actual and threatened by traffickers and pimps. The violence they suffer and fear is not metaphorical; it is not another word for sex with their clients. This violence consists of beatings, kidnaping, imprisonment, and sometimes even worse.He campaigns for software to be distributed in a manner such that its users receive the freedoms to use, study, distribute, and modify that software.

Software that ensures these freedoms is termed free software. Stallman launched the GNU Project in September to create a Unix-like computer operating system composed entirely of free software. Stallman pioneered the concept of copyleftwhich uses the principles of copyright law to preserve the right to use, modify, and distribute free software, and is the main author of free software licenses which describe those terms, most notably the GNU General Public License GPLthe most widely used free software license.

Inhe co-founded the League for Programming Freedom. Since the mids, Stallman has spent most of his time advocating for free software, as well as campaigning against software patentsdigital rights management which he referred to as digital restrictions management, calling the more common term misleadingand other legal and technical systems which he sees as taking away users' freedoms. This has included software license agreementsnon-disclosure agreementsactivation keysdonglescopy restrictionproprietary formatsand binary executables without source code.

In SeptemberStallman resigned as president of the FSF and left his "visiting scientist" role at MIT after it was alleged that his remarks in a discussion of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal condoned underage prostitution. He had a troublesome relationship with his parents and didn't feel he had a proper home. Although he was interested in mathematics and physicshis teaching professor at Rockefeller thought he showed promise as a biologist.

He was hired for the summer infollowing his senior year of high school, to write a numerical analysis program in Fortran.

As a first-year student at Harvard University in fallStallman was known for his strong performance in Math Innear the end of his first year at Harvard, he became a programmer at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratoryand became a regular in the hacker community, where he was usually known by his initials, RMSwhich he used in his computer accounts.

Stallman considered staying on at Harvard, but instead decided to enroll as a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT. He pursued a doctorate in physics for one year, but left that program to focus on his programming at the MIT AI Laboratory.

While working starting in as a research assistant at MIT under Gerry Sussman[18] Stallman published a paper with Sussman in on an AI truth maintenance systemcalled dependency-directed backtracking. As of [update]the technique Stallman and Sussman introduced is still the most general and powerful form of intelligent backtracking. LMI starting around When MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science LCS installed a password control system inStallman found a way to decrypt the passwords and sent users messages containing their decoded password, with a suggestion to change it to the empty string that is, no password instead, to re-enable anonymous access to the systems.

Around 20 percent of the users followed his advice at the time, although passwords ultimately prevailed.

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Stallman boasted of the success of his campaign for many years afterward. In the late s and early s, the hacker culture that Stallman thrived on began to fragment. To prevent software from being used on their competitors' computers, most manufacturers stopped distributing source code and began using copyright and restrictive software licenses to limit or prohibit copying and redistribution.

Such proprietary software had existed before, and it became apparent that it would become the norm.

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This shift in the legal characteristics of software was a consequence triggered by the US Copyright Act of When Brian Reid in placed time bombs in the Scribe markup language and word processing system to restrict unlicensed access to the software, Stallman proclaimed it "a crime against humanity". InStallman and some other hackers at the AI Lab were refused access to the source code for the software of a newly installed laser printerthe Xerox Stallman had modified the software for the Lab's previous laser printer the XGP, Xerographic Printerso it electronically messaged a user when the person's job was printed, and would message all logged-in users waiting for print jobs if the printer was jammed.

Not being able to add these features to the new printer was a major inconvenience, as the printer was on a different floor from most of the users. This experience convinced Stallman of people's need to be able to freely modify the software they use. Greenblatt rejected outside investment, believing that the proceeds from the construction and sale of a few machines could be profitably reinvested in the growth of the company.

september december political notes richard stallman

In contrast, the other hackers felt that the venture capital -funded approach was better. As no agreement could be reached, hackers from the latter camp founded Symbolicswith the aid of Russ Noftskeran AI Lab administrator. Symbolics recruited most of the remaining hackers including notable hacker Bill Gosperwho then left the AI Lab. Symbolics also forced Greenblatt to resign by citing MIT policies. While both companies delivered proprietary software, Stallman believed that LMI, unlike Symbolics, had tried to avoid hurting the lab's community.

For two years, from to the end ofStallman worked by himself to clone the output of the Symbolics programmers, with the aim of preventing them from gaining a monopoly on the lab's computers.Furthest Progressing TeamBased on the round a team exits a competition - regardless of extra-time, replays etc.

A team winning the final would be deemed furthest progressing. Qualification Match-UpsShould a team be disqualified from the tournament prior to the match, and a bye is awarded, then all qualification bets will be made void for that tie.

Playoff points do not count except where specifically mentioned in the individual special. Player Scorer Specials - Bets are settled on the number of relevant goals scored for the club(s) and in league(s) indicated in the market title. To Reach PlayoffsThe 4 teams which finish in the playoff positions and proceed into the playoff competition will be settled as winners for this market.

Relegation BettingIf a team is removed from the league before the season has started, then all bets on that market will be made void, and a new relegation book will be opened.

Dead-heat rules apply (goal difference is disregarded). Divisional BettingFor settlement purposes, in divisional betting the finishing position of teams at the end of the scheduled programme of matches will determine placing (dead-heat rules apply in the event of two or more teams tying in the standings (according to official competition rules)), and there will be no allowance for playoffs or subsequent enquiries by the respective leagues.

Bets will stand on any team which does not complete all of its fixtures. The only exception to this is for South American leagues, where a playoff is played to determine the league winner when teams are tied 1st on points.

In this case, we will deem the league winner to be the winner of the subsequent playoff. Top GoalscorerOnly goals scored within the quoted division are counted for this market irrespective of the team (within that division) for which they are scored. The team quoted alongside the player is for reference only. Only league goals count - excluding playoff matches.

Team GoalsNumber of goals scored by named team.

september december political notes richard stallman

Player Total GoalsPlayer must take some part in the tournament for bets to stand. Goals in 90 minutes and extra-time count. Total Corners, Corners in Second HalfCorners awarded but not taken do not count. Please note that this applies to all corner markets.

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